Molise Avventura

Molise Avventura

For nature lovers
Molise Avventura aims to promote sports activities in the open air or in contact with nature, for knowledge and respect for the environment and for what surrounds us, and also to propose socially inclined to cooperate, organising cultural and sporting events to raise awareness among public persons, and public institutions.

A unique naturalistic experience, a total immersion in a nature that preserves intact its characteristic features.

Starting from the sources of Pietre Cadute (located in Bojano), you sail in a gentle current in a stretch of river narrow and tortuous where the overflowing vegetation creates the right habitat for different animal species, especially birds.

Sailing silently it is easy to come across magnificent Herons, small and colorful Kingfisher, or to surprise entire flocks of Royal Germans resting on the river bed, while the cold and crystalline waters are a continuous dart of fish.

The excursion has a duration that varies from 1 hour and 20 to over 2 hours of navigation (breaks excluded) based on the speed of descent and section of navigation.

For an exciting and safe excursion Molise Avventura will provide all participants with the equipment and a team of U.I.S.P. from many years of experience.